1. Christian Counseling - I have specific training for this, and (I'm a Christian).

2. Relationship and Couples Counseling - I have a good relationship, and I've had my fair share of bad relationships. I know what works and what doesn't. Trial and error. 'Nuf said.  :)

3. Child and Adolescent Counseling - I get along with teenagers and kids, simply because I understand where they're coming from. I keep on top of technology too, which can be a really good asset to parents who need to stay one step ahead of their kids.

4. Anxiety Management - I used to suffer from anxiety attacks, and through the grace of God, I figured out a number of tools to use to reduce and eliminate anxious feelings.

This is what I have to offer you. Any questions? Just call and ask. You don't have to set up an appointment with me to talk to me. If I'm not in session, or otherwise busy, I will answer my phone.